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John Sole

March 29, 2023

How To Get Long-Distance Moving Quotes Easily

Moving to a new location can be both exciting and stressful. However, moving to a different state or country adds an extra level of complexity to the process. Long-distance moves require meticulous planning and execution, and one of the essential aspects of the move is obtaining accurate moving quotes from reputable companies. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get long-distance moving quotes easily.

Plan Ahead

The earlier you start planning, the better. This gives you enough time to research moving companies and get accurate quotes. Most moving companies require at least six to eight weeks notice for long-distance moves. If you’re moving during peak season (summer), you may need to book even earlier.

Research Moving Companies

Researching moving companies is essential to ensure that you select a reputable and reliable company. Start by looking at online reviews, testimonials, and ratings from previous customers. It is also crucial to verify that the company is licensed and insured.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask friends, family, or colleagues who have previously moved long distances for recommendations. Their experience can help you avoid mistakes and choose the best company.

Obtain Moving Quotes

Requesting a moving quote is an essential part of the moving process. A quote should include all the services that the moving company will provide and the associated costs. It is essential to obtain quotes from multiple companies to compare prices and services.

In-home estimates

Some moving companies may also offer in-home estimates. During an in-home estimate, a representative from the moving company will come to your home to assess your moving needs and provide you with a more accurate quote. This can be a great way to ensure that you are getting an accurate quote and that there are no hidden fees.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, there are many moving scams out there. Be wary of any company that requires a large deposit or asks for payment in cash. Check the company’s licensing and insurance status and ask for proof. A legitimate moving company will be happy to provide this information.


If you find a moving company you like but the price is a bit out of your budget, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Some moving companies may be willing to offer discounts or adjust their services to fit your needs.

Read the Fine Print

Before signing a contract, make sure you read the fine print carefully. Look for any hidden fees or terms that may not be in your favor. If something isn’t clear, ask the moving company for clarification.


Getting accurate long-distance moving quotes is an important part of the moving process. By planning ahead, doing your research, getting multiple quotes, and comparing them carefully, you can ensure that you’re getting the best price and service for your move. Just be sure to watch out for scams, negotiate when possible, and read the fine print before signing any contracts.

John Sole

Meet John, a seasoned writer with over 25 years of experience in the moving industry. Throughout his career, John has developed a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in moving homes, offices, and even entire companies. He has written extensively on topics such as packing, loading, unloading, and transportation, providing invaluable insights and advice to readers across various platforms. John's passion for writing stems from his desire to share his knowledge and expertise with others and help them navigate the often-overwhelming world of moving. His engaging writing style, coupled with his extensive experience, makes him a valuable resource for anyone looking to make a move.

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